High number of DNS queries after Update

True, I don't think it needs the names it is just trying to get the MACs, as tony said above there might be a way to get what is needed without the reverse DNS lookups.

at least with the non built in driver it is getting the macs without looking up the names..

unfort i saw transient delays going to web pages and other fxs when i used the router as my dns as opposed to going direct to my isp.. I think this is becuase i get much better performance as they cache a large number of common lookups so performance is better.

Yes, next build. This whole issues slipped off the radar for a few days.


Just wanted to check - was this fixed with an update? I didn't see something in the last few release notes but maybe I overlooked it.

Unfort i cannot tell as i switched back to the community integration.

Just wanted to drop in and confirm I updated to and the issue is no longer occurring. Not sure what actual update resolved it, but it's fixed now. Thank you!


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