HFS - Http File Server

Is anybody familiar with or have any opinions about HFS - (Http File Server)?
I would like to use floor plans for my background image on my dashboard and I thought this might be an easy way to access them and keep them local.

Any thoughts?

Can you not just store them on the hub in the files area?


I didn't think of that . I thought I needed it to link to a web address. I don't believe the hub has an URL, just an IP address.

Forget my last comment. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I uploaded a jpg. of my floor plan to Hubitat file manager, copied the link address and pasted that into the background image for the dashboard.


Just FYI that won’t work on a cloud dashboard. The links are local only.

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Makes sense. Would HFS work on a cloud dashboard? Its local, but its http file sharing.

Only if you opened it up on your firewall and likely added port forwarding rules on your router.

Once again, that makes sense. Boy, your just knocking a lot of sense into me tonight.
Thanks for your feedback.

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could use github
images/1 full plan, jpg - colourblack-photocopy.jpg at master Β· Mark-C-uk/images Β· GitHub
and then the url after clicking the download button