Heroku - Echo Speaks - update?

How is Tony coming along with this?

It's happening!

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I'd be very interested to know. My backup plan is to buy an Ikea Symphonk speaker. Is their no other options for tts? I just can't believe there isn't a cheap solutions n out there for wifi audio.

The Ikea/Sonos are by far the easiest solution. Pricey, but the picture frame speaker sounds great for the price, considering the functionality. It’s also airplay/HomeKit compatible if you’re in the Apple ecosystem.

So- Does the HE Sonos integration allow Echo Speaks to run without Heroku? ...or is there another text to voice app that works as well? I've been using Echo Speaks for the last couple years and it works great. I'm not sure if there another simple solution out there....

Sonos doesn't need Echo Speaks at all. It works directly with Hubitat's built-in TTS capabilities. (Google Home speakers can too.)


I don't want to hear that, just keep that info to yourself. I already own a dozen Echos.


I don't have any, either, but I can't say I didn't contemplate getting a cheap one (or two) just for this purpose... :slight_smile:

I’ve seen to many people complain about Google devices not being very reliable for tts which keeps me away. That, and the fact that Chromecast integration has been in “beta” for years, tells me that there are issues.

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Is Echo Speaks going away? This is a HUGE deal... OMG, I have 12 echo devices and I use it constantly. There must be a workaround to Heroku like using AWS or some other service

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No see @tonesto7’s update in the official thread:

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I'm sure there'll be other workarounds. But for the last ~2 years, I have been using the Alexa Remote2 nodes on Node-RED.

if you have a spare *nix device around, you could use [Release] Amazon Alexa Text to Speech (TTS) v0.6.2 - Direct Integration (USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, & Brazil)

Just for verification of impact:

I only have one echo dot using Echo Speaks. Can I simply migrate the existing Heroku server app to the paid plan and keep the exact same functionality?

Apps. There are two. But I think so! That's what I'm doing as an interim step.

I must be missing something, when I login to webui, I only see one app listed.

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