Help with Zigbee range

hey i need some help i did some moving at home and now some of my zigbee device like the Sonoff SNZB-01 is not responding due to the fact that it's like 30 ft away from the hub so I'm thinking that would need a zigbee extender any recommendations for an extender or will this work


30ft should actually not a be a problem unless you have a lot of interference on 2.4Ghz where you are.

thanks the reply could be my neighbors wifi i did check my router channel and And they are not interfering with anybody else's near. router i do have another router in AP Mode

I have seen people use those USB dongles before as repeaters and they are supposed to work pretty good especially if you have an outlet with a USB port built in or somewhere else easy to plug it in. Not sure on that exact one you linked to though.

I have a bunch of Tuya Zigbee 3.0 range extenders that and they have been working great. I got mine from


Why not buy a decent repeating zigbee outlet plug, then you could also turn something on and off with it if you wanted to?

thanks everyone but for now my issue is fixed i just repair all the zigbee devices in that room i think one of the zigbee outlet is a zigbee repeater like @velvetfoot mentioned

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