Help with Wait event in rule

So I'm a bit new to using Wait events, and I was wondering if someone could help me out with this rule I created today. I have a fan in my daughter's room that is plugged into a smart plug, and I want it to behave like this:

  • Fan turns on when the temperature in her room hits 74 degrees or above - this is what I set as the trigger.

  • When the temperature in the room drops below 74 degrees, turn the fan off.

  • On weekdays, she is not home during the day. So, I don't want the fan turning on during the day when she is not here. Also on weekdays, if the fan is still on at 9am (from the previous night), I want it to turn off.

  • On weekends when she is home during the day, I don't want these restrictions. So I want the rule to trigger at all times of the day/night.

Here is what my rule looks like:

You can see I have a Wait Event set for weekdays that says to turn the fan off when the temperature drops below 74 degrees, OR when the time is 9am. I don't have this restriction on weekends.

The temperature part seems to work fine. What does not seem to work is having the fan turn off at 9am during the week, and I can't figure out why. The rule was triggered earlier this evening, and when I look at the subscriptions I would expect to see something there for the turn off time at 9am...but there isn't:

I have written other rules similar to this that seem to work fine, so I'm not sure what's going on here. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I can't see anything obvious that is wrong with your rule, but perhaps someone else will catch something I'm not seeing. I can tell you that the 9 AM thing would appear in "Scheduled Jobs" rather than "Event Subscriptions." It would also be created on the fly when the rule reaches that Wait, not just hanging around all the time (just like that second event subscription that will get created to look for temperature < 74). Does that match what you see when this happens? If not, I don't have a good reason why--it just would be an explanation for why this wouldn't work, as you saw.

FWIW, I just created a simple test rule with wait similar to yours and saw the expected subscriptions and scheduled events when that action was reached.

Oh jeez...there it is. I just didn't scroll down far enough!!! :rofl: :joy: Now I'm red faced...

Well...I guess I will find out tomorrow morning if this works or not.