Help with the Creation of a Rule - to help with A/C Bill

So the goal of the rule was to set my Nest Thermostats to ECO Mode should any of door/window open and remain open for 3 minutes when the same door is thereafter closed, the A/C resumes.

This rule (below) largely works within a vacuum but I need help to make it work perfectly. So here is the example.

Door 1 is open and stays open for 3 minutes. The A/C gets set to ECO Mode. While Door 1 is open, somebody opens and closes Door 2. This causes the A/C to resume.


In your resume trigger. Change from Any to all. So that all of those will need to be closed before the actions will trigger.

Do you really need 2 rules for this? Can't it be as simple as:


  • Any of (list) contact open


  • Any of (list) contact open

Actions when true:

  • Delay 3 minutes (Cancel)
  • Send notification
  • Set eco mode

Actions when false:

  • Send notification
  • Set cool mode

Sine you want any for true and all for false it needs to be two rules, I think.

Not sure if this helps but I use this to turn my heating down if a door is left open.
When it's closed, it turns it back on again.
This should give you ideas anyway.

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The opposite of "any open" is "all closed".

Any open = True

NOT(Any open) = All closed = False.

Aah yeah, I was still think in two rules and that he needed an all for the false trigger rule.

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For triggers, there's no option to select "all", since they are events and not states.

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