Help with Telnet Issue

I am trying to write a drive for an Elk M1 and I am not a code writer. Yesterday I had communiciation between the hub and the Elk M1 but this morning the hub was locked up. There was no longer communication between the two and see the error message below. Thanks for any insight.

Here is the script:
def initialize() {
try {
//open telnet connection
telnetConnect([termChars:[13,10]], ip, port, null, null)
//give it a chance to start
ifDebug("Telnet connection to Elk M1 established")
} catch(e) {
log.warn "initialize error: ${e.message}"

dev:3572019-02-14 09:52:10.604 am warninitialize error: No signature of method: dev15501557419631497399442.telnetConnect() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, null, null) values: [[termChars:[13, 10]],, 2101, null, null]

I may have figured out the issue. I am at work now so will check when I get home.

FYI, I'm having Telnet stability problems with the latest release. It's dropping regularly and I think causing the hub to freeze periodically.

Well as you may have seen I borrowed that code from your great work, lol! I saw on another post that you mentioned it (envisalink) not using that piece of code and that it uses perhaps login credential code. Well I may have deleted that but for some reason it was still working so maybe it was cached or something I will check when I get home.


Hmmm, I have two lutron bridges and an onkyo avr on one hub, and the same two bridges connected to another hub, no issues with 2.0.5 that I've seen.

Ayyyyyy what do we have here? That’s just what I needed! Thanks for sharing this.

Also—I haven’t experienced any telnet issues either on 2.0.5/2.0.6 (aside from what seemed to be like a memory leak from creating too many connections, but now that I know there’s a close method, I can test that theory!)

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????? Speak

Yesterday was a long day. :wink: I’ve updated the post to reflect what I’d originally meant to communicate. Versions 2.0.5 and 2.0.6

So my issue seems to be the port parameter not passing through. I hardcoded it into the script and everything seems fine now.

Happened twice last week and not since. I saw Lutron, Hue and Envisalink Integration all throw connection lost errors (and many other exceptions) and then the hub froze.

Don’t know if hub locking up was the cause or effect. I didn’t find much else in the logs so I’ve assumed Telnet was the cause. I believe that’s been the source of trouble before.

Been stable ever since the occurrences about a week ago.

This is why I said speak, 2.0.6 is not available yet :wink:

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Right. Sorry, I get confused when I time travel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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