Help with solution using motion lighting and night lights

I've struggled with solving this problem and I'm betting someone on here probably can solve it faster than the months I've struggled. I've got a "kind of" solution right now...but I'd like better. Here is the situation. I have a Motion lighting app that turns on "night lights" so when the mode is night and motion is detected on a large number of motion sensors throughout the whole house, it turns on a large selection of lights in multiple rooms/areas at a very dim level. In essence I'm low lighting the house to be able to walk around at night. I do this mostly as my kids rooms are on the other side of the house than the master and when one of them calls in the middle of the night it's nice to just have all those lights come on. This rule works GREAT throughout the night.

The problem is...when the mode changes in the morning....IF the lights are on. Which oddly...happens a lot.

Then because we are not in night mode anymore the Motion Lighting app stops controlling those lights. So they are left on. Some of them that's not an issue because the morning lighting resets them. Some of them are not used in the morning they stay on.

My current fix...when the Night Lights ML rule turns on it also turns on a virtual switch "Night Lights" when they turn off they turn it off. When Mode becomes morning and virtual switch night lights is on, I turn off all those lights. However to make this not collide with mode becoming morning and turning lights on (wasn't sure who was going to win the battle there), I delayed turning on my "morning lights" by a few minutes. This gives enough time for first rule to get everything turned off (again there are a lot of lights and it's not instant). I feel there has to be a better way and I'm missing something either in Motion Lighting or another way of handling this situation.

Anyone else doing something similar?

I won't be of any help. I'm more of interested in what lights are you using?

For the night lights? A bunch of different ones just set at 5 or 10% depending.

Kitchen: Under cabinet LED strip on at 10%
Family room: two can lights on an Invovelli switch on at 5%
Living Room: two accent lights Phillips bulbs on Hue on at 10%
Upstairs bathroom (near kids rooms): Phillips hue bulb on at 10%
Dining Room: Led accent lights (on at 10%)
Deck: Outside deck light on zwave switch (on at 100%)

So as you can see, all of the lights above are in completely different ML rules during the day or not in any other ML rules and part of accent lighting early in the morning or in the evening.

What if when mode becomes morning you turn off only the lights that are not used in the morning routine?

I had that at one point morning routine is also triggered on a virtual switch for whether it's dark inside or not. I have a separate rule turn on/off a virtual switch depending on illuminance inside the house. This varies by time of year. Meaning in winter when we get up it's usually dark out. In summer it's usually not. So in summer time in the morning those lights don't light....

annnddd you just walked me though the problem. I need to use that inside vSwitch in that rule to determine which lights to turn off..all or some. Thanks!

Glad to help, if only indirectly!

My lights always turns on some lights at 100% (actually triggered by motion), because the blinds are closed and so the house is fairly dark. After that, it uses lux to determine the level. It was tricky to set up. I ended up using private boolean to determine if it's the first time in the morning or not. The "hey it's morning" routine sets the PB for the lights rule to true. The first time the lights rule runs, it sets PB back to false. If true, lights are 100%. If false, based on lux. I also have a lights auto switch. If it's off, the lights are not turned on at all.

Anyway, I know this stuff is tricky to set up. But once I got it all working, it works very well.

But that was an easy add (I'm already done) and no idea why I didn't think of that! Thanks!

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