Help with several RM rules that work together


I have a few rules that work together. The rules are simple, but have a complex idea. I'll try to lay it out.

rule 1:
This rule runs during the hours that someone would be moving around in the house.

Rule 2:
This rule runs during the hours that someone would be moving around the house, but no one is in the kitchen and dining room.

Rule 3:
This rule runs only during night mode. Mode changing to night turns off one of the strips and the other works as a night light. Essentially repeating the day rules, but only with one strip instead of two.

Rule 4:
This runs only during night and dims the single light to 15% when there is no activity in the kitchen/dining.

This is my issue:
I've been experiencing inconsistent behavior. When mode changes to quiet time, which simply keeps the bedroom lights off because someone is still in there, the second strip light should turn on with motion if mode is not night, but it is not doing that. Then, the lights haven't been turning off 1 hour past sunrise like they should have. I did a rule in rm that was a bit more bold to handle this, and I hope it helps, but maybe my thought process with these rules is off? Can you take a look at them and see if something stands out?


None of the rules you showed would turn the lights off at sunrise plus 60. Remember, a Restriction does not cause rule evaluation, and Rule 4 is restricted to Night mode.

If Quiet Time is outside the Sunset-60 to Sunset+60 both rules 1 and 2 are restricted, and won't turn anything on. Likewise, both rules 3 and 4 are restricted to Night mode, so they won't do anything either.


I have a rule that turns on that is separate. Off is another. The last few days the lights have not turned off at sunrise +60. Also the light that turns off in when mode changes to night did not turn back on when mode changed to morning and motion changed to active. I had on and off in simple lighting but changed to rm when i posted.