Help with Scheduled Alert Regardless How Many Times Contact Triggered


I am having trouble to create a rule that could send me a one-time alert notification in the evening to tell me a door has been open at least once during the day, say from 8am to 6pm. I do not need the count or real time alert, just a summary at 6pm that the door has been open at least once during this time period.

Is Rule Machine capable to do this action?


This will send a notification at 8:00 PM of the last time the door was opened. If the door is not opened, you will still get a notification that says "Not opened".

@LibraSun's recommendation is solid too, but will immediately send the notification. So, just depends on when you want to get it.


May I strongly recommend you look at using the Notifications app for this purpose? Here's a sample configuration I just created based on your requirements...

Yes. This App is exactly what I want, I didn’t know it exists. Thanks for the pointer.

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Shouldn't there be something to reset data back to "Not Opened" every day?

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Yup...good catch.

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