Help with RM to set door lock user code

Guys, I have HE C-7 with Yale Z-Wave Deadbolt YRD210 setup. My cleaner comes every Wed, so I want to setup a RM rule to trigger every Wednesday at 11am to add her user code in so she can unlock the door, than wait for 5 hours and remove her code after she left.

So, I have these actions setup in the RM:

For some odd reasons, if I manually press the "Run Actions" button, her user code will get added fine. I can see it is added in Code Manager. So, I know the setCode command works. However, if I wait till Wed for the trigger to happen, I can see from the log that it did triggered, but the user code won't added. I also try to split this into 2 rules, one for setCode and one for deleteCode. Same behavior. Funny part is that if I set the trigger to be 10 minutes later. This code will work too. My only possible guess it that the lock might be slept at 11am on Wed when HE trys to push the code to it. If this is the case, any suggestion on what command I can use to wake up the lock? Or any other suggestion on other ways I can do this? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

I haven't played w/locks in RM, but is there an unlock/lock sequence you can send before sending the code?

Send code...

Presumably if it's a sleep issue that should have the lock fully awake. Seems odd that they lock would just ignore/drop commands.

Try doing it at 11:01 or 10:59 some have reported that top of the hour timed events were not triggering and making that 1 min change is an easy test.