Help with Raw Z Wave Command(s)

I'm trying to light my Fibaro RGBW controller (actually the LED's). I know the guys's at Hubitat are working on a driver but it seems they have their hands full with other issues so I don't expect an internal driver for some time.

So I thought I'd try to stumble through and see if I can at least accomplish some rudimentary control. I don't need all the fancy flashing sequences NOR analog input, I simply want to set the ON percentage for the 4 channels.

Perhaps I'm fighting windmills but I though I could at least give it a try :slight_smile:

My Question: Where can I find the reference to the "raw" Z wave command like that shown below?

I've looked through every Z Wave spec I have but no luck. Oddly when I first received my Hub and was reading everything I could find, I faintly recall reading about commands that were put together in a similar manner but have not been able to recall where:(


Code snippet from Todd Wickford ST driver for Fibaro RGBW:

def sendWhite(channel, value) {
def whiteLevel = hex(value)
def cmd = [String.format("3305010${channel}${whiteLevel}%02X", 50)]

def sendRGB(redHex, greenHex, blueHex) {
    def cmd = [String.format("33050302${redHex}03${greenHex}04${blueHex}%02X", 100),]

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