Help with osram flex strip not turning off

Kinda lost here. I have had my hubitat for a few months and upon getting it I was easily able to pair my osram flex strip. It was working perfectly up until yesterday. We had some storms roll thru and the power went out for like 20 seconds. It no longer turns off now. When turned off it turns blue!? ....It’s on a surge protector w the tv and other things as well and all other functions are working well. It just doesn’t turn off. I have reset it and repaired it a few times with no luck. I have changed the driver along w other things and nothing is actually shutting it off. Like I said it just turns blue. Hubitat shows it as off as does Alexa but it’s not. Any suggestions here? Also I removed it last night and let it sit all night and tried it again this morning and it’s still doing it.

The power surge probably caused the device to fail. The Osram products aren't exactly known for their quality.

Best bet would be to replace it with something like a Sengled strip or even Yeelight strip. I have both and they have been rock solid compared to my Osram products (which are currently sitting in my attic collecting dust).

So I determined the zigbee module must be messed up! I removed and posted it to my securifi almond3 and it’s doing the same thing on that as well. .... Do the connectors on the led strips match up with the sengled?

Honestly? No idea if they do or don't. Are you planning on just swapping out the controller and keeping the strip?

Yea that’s what I’d like to do. I have 3 2ft strips behind our tv and it’s a pain to get back behind it, so swapping it out would be nice. I’ll prob end up getting the sengled strip. I emailed lightify about getting just the zigbee module but I’m not holding my breathe there. is the U.S. email. If you email them that it no longer works properly with a copy of your receipt, they will replace it pretty quickly. Probably shouldn’t tell them about the storm, since that could be a coincidence. They have been very good about replacing defective bulbs in my experience. I originally had a lot of the older Osram A19 rgbw bulbs, which didn’t last very long and were terrible repeaters. As they went bad, Ledvance replaced them under warranty with the newer version bulbs, which as of last week has been about 20 bulbs. I now have only the newer bulbs and it is a big difference in stability.

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I have some Osram gardenspots that have done the same thing, fixed them by doing a manual reset, it takes like 4 or 5 times trying before the lights flashed three times. I plugged mine in to a power strip with a switch so I could turn the power on/off faster. They are a PIA.