Help with Music Player Issue

I have two separate rules that Play Pandora tracks on my Amazon Echo's "Everywhere" group. I am no longer using Echo Speaks because of the Heroku issue. I am using the Music Device applications through Rule Machine.

I want one Rule to play music Monday-Saturday and the other Rule to play on Sunday. I have set the conditions accordingly.

The Problem is when the trigger goes off (push of a button). Rule Machine is alternating the Sunday Application and the Monday-Saturday Application on every push of the button. HOWEVER, when I pause the Sunday application Rule Machine plays the Monday-Saturday application every time.

Please review my two separate screenshots and let me know

if I am missing something. I am usually pretty good at solving my Rule issues but this one is stumping me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It looks like you are trying to use "Manage conditions" (which applies to Conditional actions only) instead of "Required expressions" to limit when each rule is allowed to run.

Alternatively, you could combine these two rules into one using a series of IF-THEN's to check which timeframe is currently in force, to execute the appropriate action for that timeframe. That's where those "Conditions" would be used, and I think this was your original goal.

Thanks for the info. It sounds like I am misunderstanding how the "Managed Conditions" work in the New Rule Machine. Most of my rules were written in Legacy and I use a lot of if-then principles. I'll look at this closer and check out the "Required Expressions". I'll let you know if I am still having difficulty.

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Thanks again! I see where I made the error. Should work now. :grinning:

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