Help with motion lighting using scenes

Hi all,

I am new to hubitat and I am trying to achieve something apparently simple, but I can't get on it.

I have a motion sensor on my bathroom and 3 zigbee bulbs. I have been using them as one ( gruped ) just dimming the level depending on mode and it worked just fine.

Then I thought it would be nice to play with them separately and inserted another variable, scenes.

My goal is to turn on/off bulbs independently and with diferent dimmer levels depending on hubitat modes.

Day/Away: Scene 1 (3 bulbs turned on with 60% dimmer level)
Evening: Scene 2 (2 bulbs turned on with 30% dimmer level, 1 bulb turned off)
Night: Scene 3 ( 1 bulb turned off with 10% dimmer level, 2 bulbs turnedd off)
Everything activated when motion is detected, then apply an scene base on hubitat mode.

I created those 3 scenes using the scenes app, adding the 3 bulbs on each scene and adapted to my needs described above. Then I selected them on the motion lightning app, but I was forced to select a "dimmer per mode" appart from the "scenes per mode".

Then I have another problem, the light, sometimes turns off even if I am moving inside the bathroom.

I think the problem is that I am mixing concepts and I get lost.

I attach a photo showing how I created the rule.

Thank you in advance for the help.