Help with mailbox in RM

I'm not sure why this isn't triggering. I have 3 separate rules going on to notify me if mail has arrived. The logs say everything happened right, but I am not getting the notification.

This rule should become true if motion is detected between 10am and 9pm. At that point it should set a private boolean for "Mailbox 2 Private Boolean" rule to true:

When this private boolean becomes true, it turns on a virtual switch, and sends a pushover notification. (but that didn't happen):

This resets the private boolean at midnight:

Logs seem to be correct...

app:8082018-08-25 19:05:08.641:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule is now False
app:8082018-08-25 19:05:08.601:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule: Mailbox motion inactive
app:8082018-08-25 19:04:53.110:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule is now True
app:8112018-08-25 19:04:53.077:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 2 Private Boolean set Boolean from NOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule true
app:8082018-08-25 19:01:35.729:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule is now True
app:8082018-08-25 19:01:35.580:infoNOTIFY: Mailbox 1 Rule: Mailbox motion active

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Nevermind, I had the private boolean already set to true. I used a switch to change it back to false and then tested - works like a charm now.

BTW, a rule that has only one condition and only actions for true (almost your first rule), can be a trigger instead. Your first rule could be a trigger if you moved the time condition to a Restriction.

You're right, thanks. Badabingbadaboom:

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