Help with Lock Rule

I tried this as one of my first attempts with Rule Machine. It seems though that after we are home it it continues to unlock the door every time motion is sensed. How can I make it just unlock once and stop until the next arrival presence. Any help appreciated.

Instead of a Triggered Rule, have you tried just a Trigger and ignore the lock state? That way, the rule should only run when the presence state changes once.

BTW. I hesitate to add these types of rules because of the potential for false positives and if the geofence is too large, it could unlock the door without your intention, especially if your GPS location bounces from being outside the zone to inside the zone while you're leaving the house. At a minimum, add a rule to auto lock the door after a certain time limit.

[Edit] Nevermind. I didn't see your motion detection wait.

There was a bug with Wait for Condition. Fixed in the latest release: Hub Update 2.1.1

Suggest you update your hub.

Did and now works! Thanks much!

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