Help with Hue Colors--Saving presets


In my living room I have 22 Hue Bulbs. In the Hue Pro app on my phone I have a presets saved named "Party Time" which changes all 22 bulbs to certain colors by using the app.

I want to "save" this "preset" from the Hue app with HE. I'm not sure if I need RM or the HE Groups & Scenes app of HE.

Once I have the living room bulbs set to the colors I want, how/what do I use in HE to save it so all I have to do is tell Alexa "set party time" or use something on the HE dashboard to do it so I don't have to use the Hue Pro app from Google Play store?

I've tried the "Groups & Scenes" thing in HE but keep getting "unexpected error".

Would Rule Machine be better to somehow "capture" this preset?


You can do this with scenes.

Set all of the lights up the way you want them. Then in the Groups & Scenes app, select "Create New Scene." Give it a name. Select all of the lights you want included in your scene. Then, back up towards the top, click on "Capture Scene." It should capture the state of all of the lights you've included.


Thanks for the reply...I tried that several times and when it did capture the scene, it would show certain bulbs off when they are actually on...would not show colors either...after a few more tries of capturing the scene, it finally saved the correct state of all the bulbs and colors. Don't know why it would take a few tries but is working now.


I assume you changed the Hue bulbs outside Hubitat (e.g., using the Hue app, natively paired Hue controls like the Tap or Dimmer, or a third-party app or anything that works through the Bridge). In that case, you may wish to check your polling interval in the Hue Bridge Integration app. I think the default is 1 minute. While you are testing, you may wish to shorten that (it lets you go down to 10 seconds) and make sure you wait a bit before capturing the scene so the poll happened, or you can keep the Hue Bridge device open in Hubitat and do a refresh (on the Bridge device, which gets all the bulb states) before you capture the scene. That way, Hubitat is "in sync" with whatever changes you may have made on Hue directly.


Yep you're right on target @bertabcd1234 ! That's what my problem was all along as the polling of the Hue bridge was set too high while capturing the scene. I'm slowly learning! :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help...all is fine now and adding more scenes.


Well my success was short on this. Tried recapturing Scenes again and all it does is shows all of the lights as being OFF when in fact they are on and set to colors. Changed polling to 10 seconds...rebooted hub..etc. Still just shows bulbs as all off when trying to capture.


Try refreshing the Hue Hub device. That should force a poll of your hue bridge and update all the lights status.