Help with flashing lights

Has anyone ever seen something like this?

I just installed a leviton dimmer DZ6HD and it’s not even paired with HE yet. The lights just randomly flash.

Just guessing, but possibly a "minimum load" issue? I haven't used this particular dimmer before, but most if not all have a "minimum load" rating that can be an issue if you are using low wattage bulbs. Does the flashing occur regardless of the dim level?

Also, what brand/brand model are the bulbs you are using. I have had dimmers that are picky about specific brands/models of some bulbs. For my Lutron Caseta dimmers I have had best luck with Philips newer line of dimmable bulbs both the "warm glow" models and the "daylight" version, but YMMV.

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Are you sure those are dimmable bulbs? I've seen this before. You can put a capacitor across the load into the fixture and usually that will fix it.

I am using Sylvania bulbs in the fixture.

Not 100% sure since I've had them in there for a while. I thought they were. I am going to buy some new ones and move these into a fixture that doesn't have a dimmer.

Yep, that was going to be my next question, also please keep in mind that not all "dimmable" LEDs are created equal, I've found that my lutron caseta's don't get along with highly regarded Cree bulbs, but love the "el cheapo" home depot generics.

I will say my kids love the effect. They kept calling it a dance party. LOL


New bulbs did the trick. :slight_smile:

The old ones were Osram. The new ones are Sylvania.

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Just a +1 for the Philips warm glow dimmable bulbs, which I tried out based on a recommendation in another thread here. They dim down pretty low, and no noticeable buzzing when they do.

I had mostly Cree bulbs previously, and although I was happy enough with light output when dimming, they buzzed when connected to Lutron caseta dimmers. It was a problem in the bedroom, but switching to the Philips bulbs solved it.

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