Help with dimmer setting in Motion Lighting

I have a really basic Motion Lighting rule set up to turn on some lights at 15% when motion is detected during Night mode. The problem is, it's turning the light on but at whatever the previous brightness was instead of setting it to 15%. The result is when the motion detector picks up motion, it will sometimes blast whoever got up to use the bathroom (or whatever) with full brightness lights. Am I using this wrong?

You don’t need to dim and then switch.. Just dim.. It will turn on when you send dim

I thought I tried that at first and it failed to turn on, I'll give it another go with just the dimming. Thanks.

No problem.. That’s exactly what I have for night time motion lighting... During the day it’s 100%

Also what kind of lights / dimmers are you controlling?... Make sure it actually turns on at 15% .. my wall dimmers don’t even turn on the leds that are on the load until about 25% .. I have 2 led fixtures that the dimmers do nothing until 45%..

It's a Zooz Zen22 ver3 dimmer light switch with GE dimmable LED bulbs. I set it to 15% because, after some manual testing, I found that to be the lowest level the bulbs will turn on at.