Help with config of Echo Speaks action

I've managed to get Echo Speaks installed through HPM and received a announcement test through my Gen 1 Echo. But I've had trouble accomplishing the action I wish to have. We have 2 garage doors, each having a contact sensor which show status fine in Dashboard. I simply want the system, every night at 11pm to announce whether either of those 2 are still open. Its not a status change trigger; its a trigger based on time to announce contact open. Can anyone help with the correct config steps for this? I've only gotten an announcement to work upon a change in contact status. Thanks!

Have you tried doing this via Rule Machine?

Trigger: every day at 11pm
Action: Announce the door status

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If you want something that only announces when the door is open and not shut, you can just add this to the above using a conditional:

Trigger: every day at 11pm
Action: IF Door xyz contact is open Announce the door status

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You can setup a echo speaks action based on scheduled time

  • so the action type should be 'speak' or some form of speak or announce

    • name it and hit done/next
  • after you save it, go back to edit this action

  • the trigger is 'scheduled time'

    • schedule type is recurring
      • set your desired time
      • recurring 'daily'
  • after next/done

  • the condition is your contact status

  • the execute action is the

    • echo (s) or zones to send the message to
    • and in the designer set the message you want to send

save/done your way out.

At the set time, it will wake up, check the contact condition and based on that send the message you put in execute.

Thanks, I think that is working but I have weird Echo behavoir. After I test once or twice, I can see the Echo light as active, but hear nothing. I have this often happen on its own before I installed this particular app as well. I have resorted to a daily power reset with a timed outlet which usually helps. But if this will also happen after each announcement, its a bummer. Any thoughts on why its doing this silence treatment?

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