Help with C8 locking up

I've been having problems with my C8 locking up (green light, no response to 8081 portal) I have a C7 and C8, the C8 was supposed to be for all devices and C7 for most external communications (Alexa, Hue...). This setup is new(started about 2-3 weeks ago after moving in with Significant other, who is not very happy at this point. The C7 has been a work horse for about 3 years. I have the C7 on channel 15, the C8 on 20 and the Hue on 25 to hopefully keep zigbee untangled. Just now changed the backup time so both hubs are not trying to connect at same time.
Yesterday created a new backup and did a soft reset because may have corrupted internal data base from my unplugging it (3 days in a row)
Got up this morning (hearing loud cursing) to a dead system again. The Hue hub was my only saving grace as it always works.
I know I have a crummy internet as I live in mobile home with DSL connection, but setup worked for at least 5 years in same park before we moved in together.
I know this is probably not enough to work on, but ask away.
If I don't reply within a day or so, I'll probably be dead. at least that's the latest from girlfriend.

I've run into this issue as well. My advice would be to send a private message to the @support_team. They have access into looking at additional logging (engineering logs) to help further look into your issue.

thanks for the reply. I tried two more things yesterday and will wait to see if problems stops.
One I offset the hubs automatic backup time.(both were at 3 AM) and then I re-connected hubs to network. I had one direct to router and the other through a 4 way switch to the router. Not sure if this is a problem but I read somewhere possible communication problems with different subnets. (router issue maybe) now both are wired to the same 4 way switch.
At least it didn't crash last night (had 3 days in a row)

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