Help with Bathroom Heater Rule

I have small bathroom heater connected to a Zooz ZEN15 that I have been using with a simple rule for a couple years. Wife likes the bathroom warm in the morning regardless of the season. The old rule turned the heater on Mon-Thur mornings at 4:45 am and off at 5:30am, unless in AWAY mode. However her work schedule has recently changed and now she gets up earlier one week than the other. Basically I need to somehow turn it on at 4:00am one week and 5:00am the other week both Mon-Thurs and shut off after 45 minutes. I do have a motion sensor over the door that turns on the bathroom lights in case this could be used in a new rule. Any help and guidance will be appreciated as my Rule Machine skills are somewhat limited.

Easy way might be to:

  • set up a virtual switch
  • duplicate your rule for the 445-530 and modify it for 400-500
  • add a predicate to each - one for switch on, one for switch off
  • create a third rule that flips the switch every Friday

Interesting! I'll give it a try. Thanks

I'm a shift worker and I use Google calender to log when I'm working days or nights, i then use Calendar search to switch on the heating and hot water at the correct times.
It works great I also use it to switch on lights etc so at 4am I don't have to think. lights are on, coffee machine turns on, alarm is disarmed.

I don't use RM I use webcore as I've moved from smartthings and it made sense to me, but I cant see why RM wouldn't work



How's this look? See any issues?




I've used a contact switch on the door and a rule for my girlfriends heater in her office. When the door closes it comes on and stays on until the door opens for minimum 15 mins after that the heater shuts off. It's setup so she can leave for a bathroom break and not have the heater cycling of and on with every door opening. I bet you could use this rule with your motion sensor.

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