Help with automations

I’ve had an issue at the end of the day automations. Ive reset the simple lighting apps multiple times and reinstalled amazon echo app couple times. I feel like it may have something to do with amazon echo app, its like she takes control of the lights and hubitat automations take a back seat. I thought that maybe my modes could have contradictory times but it doesn’t. I have started doing these automations while keeping in mind the ‘K.I.S.S’ rule but I’m missing something here.
Here is a few screenshots of my automations and logs if someone could help me out.

Michael, welcome to the community! Sorry you are having trouble.

The Discus forum software, to prevent spamming and trolls, won’t let newcomers post screenshots, and has some other restrictions. I’m not able to change that for you because I’m not a moderator.

Spend some time reading posts and respond to a few, and the forum software will increase your trust level so you can fully participate.

Perhaps if you could better explain, in words, what you are trying to do, and someone with experience with your issues should jump in and try to help.


Thank you sir for the speedy reply! Will do!

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I’m not sure what your problem is, but when dealing with Alexa I can you a couple tips.
First, do not put devices into rooms within the Alexa app. If you have a device name that matches or is close to one of Alexa rooms she will turn on all the devices in the room. I had a rule where I would say “kitchen on” to turn on the lights. But when I added the devices to the kitchen in the Alexa app, I would say “kitchen on” and she would turn on every device in the kitchen. Which included my zooz alarm. Needless to say the wife was upset.
Second, use Alexa routines whenever you can. Alexa seems to hear better when you say something that she is looking for. You may have to set up some virtual switches to make this work properly.
For example I made a scene that turns on a couple lights, the tv backlight and the TV. I would say Alexa turn on the TV. And the response I got was “there are many devices named TV, which one did you want”. So I changed the routine to “Alexa turn on Robert” and it worked ever since.
Alexa isn’t as intuitive as we have been led to believe so we have to be.


Thank you for the advice David. Kids and wife really like to use Alexa and I’m hoping to have the least amount of problems with Alexa as possible.

Speaking of Alexa- If i add the devices to Alexa using the learn skill ‘Hubitat’ and found devices using Alexa app, then how is this still using hubitat/local?

My uncle introduced this hubitat to me, I’m three weeks in here. Can’t stop shopping for more smart devices lol

Once you use Alexa you are not “local” as Alexa is in the cloud. “Local” comes in because the automations you set up are running locally on the hub. If you use Alexa you are not “local”.