Help with Auto Unlock Rule

I have this rule to Auto Unlock our door if either my wife or I arrive home and then we open the exterior glass door. It works but I would like to add a timer of sorts, say 2 minutes that would cancel the unlock if the glass exterior door is not opened in that time frame. Any help would be awesome.

May I suggest using a special custom device called a "switch timer (with reset)". It's what I use in these types of cases. I set the device to be turned on, whenever the door is opened, via a simple lighting automation. That allows me to check in the main automation, if that switch is on, which means it's within the two minutes.
(The two minutes is a device preference , set on the switch timer's status page)

With many thanks to: @JasonJoelOld and @Cobra

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I think this will do what you want:

I think it will. Thanks,!

You have a wait for condition that has no condition so it will never be true. If you take that out, it should work fine the way you have it.


Ok, thanks

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That rule does not do what he described in the first post.

Thanks, Yea. I still need some kind of timer/expiration

In order to make sure that the lock is unlocked when you walk up to it, wouldn't you rather have the lock unlock when you arrive and then re-lock if you don't open the door within 2 minutes? That way you're not standing at the door waiting for it to unlock. Just a thought.

I like that idea. Could you give some guidance...... Thanks


Triggers:  Presence Arriving 
           Contact Opening

If Presence is present and Lock is Locked
       Unlock Lock
       Delay actions for 2 minutes (or I would recommend 5) with cancel
       Lock the lock
Else if  Contact is opened
       Cancel Delayed actions

You can use the contact of the main door in this case as well. That way it will not trigger if someone does come fully in the house.

Cool! Thanks a bunch! I'll give it a try.

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