Help with an "Error" in Log file

What's the best way to determine why this error is occurring? This action (detect and show that a gate is open) works most of the time, but it can be a little flaky. I'm wondering if this Error is a a clue of some sort.

I'll put the RM stuff below:


What is best practice to understand this?


I don't see anything in you rule that should be causing this, so the two guesses I have left are either that your rule got corrupted somehow during creation/editing, or you've stumbled upon an RM bug. Both would be easy to test by creating a new rule identical to this one and seeing if it happens there. (My guess is on the former and that this will "fix" the issue.)


Recreating the rule/app did the trick. I wish I would have just done that to start with.

Thanks for the assist!!!

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