Help with a temp trigger

So I have a Rule that triggers when the temp < 10 and it works, except for every time the temps change when under 10 it sends me a notification, how can I get it to only trigger once when under 10, not constantly.


Make it a rule instead. That way it’ll only notify you when the rule truth changes.

Nope. It still sends every time the temp changes below 10, so if its a 8 and changed to 7 it notifies me and again from 7 to 6, or 6 to 7, every time the temps change and are below 10 it sends a notification because the rule will stay true.

use a rule and have it set a boolean global if it goes below and boolean = false.
add a second rule that if temp goes above, set boolean to true.

Or do the same using conditionals in the true and false as well for the boolean:
if temp<10
if var = false
send message

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