Help with a simple rule creation to brighten lights over time

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So this is probably a very easy thing to do and I'm just straight missing it. Newbie here so I'm asking for help. I looked on here with a search, along with trying to setup a Basic Rule and a Rule Machine with no luck. I'm trying to setup a rule so in the morning my bedroom lights (on a dimmer) will turn on first at a low brightness and then slowly brighten over the period of 5 minutes.

My goal is to use my Alexa to setup routine so when I say "Good morning" or my alarm goes off, it turns on a virtual switch. Then that virtual switch triggers this rule or action.

Any advice on how to achieve this?

There is a Hubitat YouTube video about this exact thing that I myself have set up on several bulbs.

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There are multiple ways that you can do this. I use Alexa with virtual switches to do any number of things. I'm assuming here that your bedroom lights are dumb bulbs and your dimmer is smart? If you want to use Rule Machine, you will want the virtual switch turning on to be the trigger. Your rule will then turn the light on and raise the level. And turn the switch back off again. Here's a simple rule that will do that:

Awesome! Thank you for the detailed reply. I appreciate it. I see where I was missing in my attempt.

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