Help with a rule

I have a rule that when I arrive based on life360 presence, but onlyh after sunset and before sunrise that my front porch lights come on. That part of the rule is working. What I'm trying to do is have the rule start a timer for 5 minutes after the lights are turned on and turn the lights off. This part isn't working. Here's the rule I currently have setup.

You're using a triggered rule. Ain't gonna work!

The trigger occurs once when you arrive, at which point the rule is evaluated as true or false. In your case, based on your description, always true.

Create 2 trigger rules: 1 for the arrival event to switch the light on, another for when the light is triggered on to wait x time before switching it off. I am sure there are other ways to skin the cat too.


Instead of delay off in "action for false" which it won't be until the light is off.
Just use "action for true"
On: front porch
Delay off : front porch : 5 minutes.

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I misread what you were trying to do with your rulle, sorry. You don't need a triggered rule to do what you are wanting. Just a basic trigger, no need for the condition, otherwise your action looks good.

On a side note, you enabled rule logging, not sure you need that?

Thanks, I made this change and it seems it's working correctly. I appreciate it.