Help with a Rule & Picos


I would like to set up a pico to control a sensibo device which has the below options:

What I’d like to happen is that a press event of a pico, toggles through the 3 fan settings: High, Medium Low and a press and hold toggles between The Fan and Cool mode….

So from a single button I can toggle between the fan power and also toggle between fan only mode and cooling…

What would be the best combination of apps / RM rules that would make this possible?


I would use Rule Machine for this. Button Controller won't work since it looks like you'll need conditionals (to check the current state). With Rule Machine, you can create a new rule with a "Button Device" trigger (not "Button"), and you'll get an interface nearly identical to that of Button Controller. You could then do something like:

Actions for button 1 pushed:

IF (Sensibo fanLevel is low) THEN
  mediumFan() on Sensibo
ELSE-IF (Sensibo fanLevel is medium) THEN
  highFan() onSensibo
  lowFan() on Sensibo

Actions for button 1 held:

IF (Sensibo currentmode is fan) THEN
  modeCool() on Sensibo
  modeFan() on Sensibo

From what I can tell by that screenshot, none of those attributes ("Current States") or commands (buttons on the device page) you need for this are "standard," so you'll have to use RM's custom attribute feature when creating your conditionals and a custom action instead any of the "standard" actions from the menus like you might be tempted to if these were standard fan or thermostat commands. Your custom commands do not appear to take any parameters, so just the command is enough (this confuses some people).

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Sorry for the delay replying - just got round to testing this and works perfectly! Thanks for the help!