Help with a Rule for a morning greeting?

I wrote this rule to greet my husband ONCE in the morning when he opens the door between a certain time frame (when he gets home from work). It is to say a short random phrase and turn on a hall light and a kitchen light then turn them off 15 minutes later. Why is it going off all day? Where have I gone wrong?

I don't use RM a lot, but from what I can see, I think you have created the conditions but not included them in amongst the actions. I think you need to include an IF-THEN-ELSE action and make reference to the conditions you have setup.

How do I do that? I am very new to RM, if you can't tell.

I'll get and example, just a minute

The kind of setup you want to end up with is like what I have below for warnings of open doors when I go to bed:

To setup, select the add action button, select Conditional Action, then IF-THEN (in your case I would think), then, given you have already setup your conditions, select from the list of conditions. If you were starting from scratch you would select New Condition. I skipped through the steps in the screenshot below, but hopefully you can follow what I have explained.

You then need to include the actions you have already setup. See how you go with that and let me know if you need more assistance.

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Also, by include actions, I mean they need to be nested under the THEN, if they display at the same level as the IF condition, they will keep running every time. You may need to add the actions after the THEN and remove the existing references to the actions you already have, if that makes sense....

Perhaps one thing to point out, which took me a while to understand, at least this is how I interpret it, is that you have a "bank" of conditions and actions that accumulate as you construct the rule, and even if you remove them from the run sheet of the rule, they are still there for you to reference from the list of actions and list of conditions.

You are awesome. Thank you so much!
That makes complete sense... I made the condition, I thought it was applied.. but it also needs to actually be put into the first screen.

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Glad I could help and good to see you were able to setup the rule successfully.

So the working rule should look like this. Thank you again!

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