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I have a rule that will turn on a lamp in the living room for light that triggers 1 hour to sunset and turns off when mode changes to night. That being said, I want to change it up a bit. I'm not sure that this will do it. I want that lamp to sit at 100% unless someone is in there and the living room lights are on or someone is in there watching tv. Which the living room lights should turn themselves off with a harmony trigger. Here is the rule that should dim that lamp when the tv or lights are on. It's a triggered rule as I only want it to dim if the lights in the living room change to on and go back to 100% if the tv is off and the room is dark. But I also want to restrict it to only when the entry way light status is on. Will this work? Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Now I'm uberanalyzing this. I'm thinking that i can do this without being a triggered rule. I'll rewrite.

Looks like that should work with one possible caveat. Turning off the Entry Way light while this rule is true will result in it being false, the dim to 100% will probably turn it back on, resulting in the rule being true again and then dimming it back down to 20%. Maybe that's what you want.

NOt particularly. If it's off, i want the table light to stay off.

So I should probably create a separate rule to dim back to 100% only if it's on? And nix the false part?

Actually It's restricted to home only. So it should only react if in home mode. That light is usually on because otherwise it's dark upstairs because we usually hang in the basement, so no one thinks we're home when we are.

I don't use a lot of triggers but I believe they only get evaluated when the event happens. So if the other lights or TV is turned on later I don't think it will dim. You might want to move this two RM rules.

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yah, I didn't think about that. I'll rewrite

Only when mode is home. Think this will do it?

Removed the actions for false

What if you change this to be True between two times and any else on with true of 20% and False of 100%

I think that would work too. I have a rule that turns them on and off specifically at two different times in the day based on our habits. I wrote a second rule to bring it back to 100% if all the switches are off in the living room. I feel like your first insights will work without having to consider the on and off rules that already exist in simple lighting. I'll test the two rules and let you know. That light will sit at 100% more than it will at 20 because we hang in the basement living room. Unless my husband is watching football. Then I'm upstairs and I don't want all the lights on if I'm up there watching tv.

What I'm thinking is you have rule that turns on at sunset -60 and off at some other time make this rule between sunset -60 and a time that happens before the first rule turns off, so the first rule can still turn it off.

EDIT: wrote before your post a above.

Kind've already is. The light turns off when mode changes to night. The light will only interact if the mode is set to home. At quiet time, the light will automatically dim to 20% regardless. So I feel like it should only need to be controlled in home mode. And maybe if it changes to away. I'll deal with that later. But I also know that I want the on and off to be separate because I don't want that to ever change. So I kind've want to work around that scenario if possible. Not asking much, right?

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