Help with a Liftmaster gate

So I just installed a liftmaster gate which is compatible with My Q. I've connected the gate to the My Q Lite app in HE and created several automations to enable automatic opening etc...

The one thing I am looking to accomplish is to create a call-box using a button or through a keypad. I have wifi at the gate but I seriously doubt I have zigbee or z-wave.

Question Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive device that I can attach which would allow a person to press a single button and get an alert to my smartphone. I've thought of a flic but it operates on BT and I think the range may be prohibitive and I also think Z-wave/Zigbee would be range prohibitive.

If you have power (5v) at the button location, you can just build a box with a doorbell button on the outside and an ESP8266 (wifi enabled) on the inside. Load it with Hubduino software and you can have a device in HE which will change status when someone pushes the button. HE can then alert you through one of the standard Notification devices. There is a deep sleep mode on ESP devices which may let you get away with running it on battery.

How far are we talking? I have a button 75 feet or so from the house in a package box and it works fine.

If you wanna go crazy with it I'm getting one for my wife, she has been asking for a gate for years. It coming with this unit for guest access. NOT A CHEEP OPTION.

I know that has it's own app and will not integrate with HE. The gate installer is inculding a z-wave dry contact for HE automation control.

So I am thinking of a budget in the $100 range... not the $1,500 range. My use case is quite simple, press the button and ping the phone. That's it.

Ring door bell $99 ping phone, two-way audio, video, water proof. done! lol

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On my Liftmaster Gate I use a Nest Doorbell. Someone rings at my gate and all my sonos speakers go off. I have just like you the MyQ ported over to my HE hubs, and then I use Sharptools for a nice panel for around the house. In addition I have a pedestrian gate that is smaller. I use a Zwave plug controller on that, and a magnetic lock on it. When someone wants in, I just turn off the power to the magnetic lock. The lock also has a keypad, there are many on Amazon. But I guess if you don't want a video doorbell and just want something simple, get a Hue Button and link it to a Sonos speaker inside as a doorbell, and also as a pop up on your phone when it's pressed. If range is an issue for the zwave, get a 2nd Hubitat hub and use Hublink to bring it to the main hub, you can locate the 2nd HE hub closer to the gate.

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Ring doorbell did the trick. Runs on batteries and integrated with homebridge as well.

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