Help with a conversion rule

Hi, I'm pretty new with Hubitat (since yesterday) and there is just one thing missing is this rule I used to have on Webcore on ST. If possible I would like to convert it to use Rule Machine. Thanks in advance for any help!

Or you could just use webCoRE.
It runs locally on HE.

I was aware it can run locally. The only thing is everything else is either on Simple Automation Rule or Rule Machine. If possible, it would be nice to have it on the Rule Machine.

I know what you mean. Everything in one place is a good philosophy.
Just thought I'd mention it as I've seen posts where people don't realise WC runs locally after using on 'He who must not be named'. :wink:

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Here's a rule I threw together that will probably do something like what you want:

However, I have not tested it and am notorious for hating repeats, so if I missed something, I'll let someone else correct me. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks a lot for you help! I implemented your code but I still have an issue. Every time there is motion or as soon as the garage door is open I get the message on my cellphone. Ideally I would like to wait the first 3 minutes before getting an alert.

Ah yes, looks like I didn't consider that. I think you could do that by modifying the above rule to add two things:

  1. A "Delay 0:03:00 (cancelable)" before the "Set Private Boolean False" action. (Make sure you select the "cancel?" option on this delay, as that will make the next action actually have an effect here.)

  2. A "Cancel Delayed Actions" action in the ELSE-IF somewhere, e.g., before the "Stop Repeating Actions" action.

Thanks to you @bertabcd1234 I was able to make it work. Yesterday when I tried I got a weird issue twice that it started closing and it would reopen automatically like some had triggered the garage sensor to not hurt anyone. I tried again this morning after cleaning the sensors and it worked fine. Thanks again!

So this is the rule I'm running if someone needs it: