Help w/ adding Yale YRD256-ZW2 to Alexa

I've added the HE skill to Alexa, and the Alexa Skills app into HE, and Alexa sees all of my other devices just fine.

However, Alexa will not discover the Yale lock.

The Yale lock appears on the devices page in HE, but he Yale lock is NOT showing up as a device from within the Alexa Skills app in HE. My Schlage lock shows up there, along with my switches/dimmers, but no Yale lock.

I have the Lock Manager app installed and it has been able to add and remove codes from both Schlage and Yale.

Hoping someone can help me figure this out.

Pinged a few users (@staze and @SmartHomePrimer) that have the same lock and they see it showing up as a device in the Alexa Skills section of HE, and subsequently in Alexa itself. So I know it should work. Just not able to make the lock appear as a device in my Alexa/HE.

Had to remove the Amazon Echo Skill from HE, and disable the Hubitat skill in Alexa. Re-added/re-linked on both sides and finally got it to work. If anyone from the future is reading this, try the above steps and also don't forget to check all the boxes per usual.

Life is good again.


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