Help troubleshooting C-5 zwave mesh

How might one go about troubleshooting delayed zwave devices with a C5 hub? I checked the zwave mesh details for ghost devices (devices with no clusters) but didn’t see any. Anything else to do? Would replacing the C5 with a C8 fix?

For a C-5, you’ll need a USB zwave stick and PC Controller to diagnose issues like ghost and stranded nodes. They don’t show up in the zwave settings page.

You’ll also need PC Controller to remove such nodes.

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How about running a z-wave log, if available?

I may actually just rebuild the zwave mesh entirely by excluding and re-including all of the zwave devices. They were added at different times, likely in the incorrect order, i.e., not starting closest to the hub. In that regard, how do you choose between (i) a device that's on the same floor as the hub but farther away horizontally; and (ii) a devicer that's on a different floor as the hub but right over/under the hub?

If that doesn't fix it, spending $20-30 on a zwave stick causes me pause because it becomes obsolete wiht the c8 (right?)

I'm looking at the z-wave details page here on a device that's on the edge. I think the logs show the same info. Can you do the same? Would it help?

C5 is very different in how it shows things.


I know you're trying to be helpful, but your posts are tangential to the issue.

@JustinL is assessing the z-wave mesh on his C-5, which uses an entirely different z-wave stack than the C-7 or C-8. The z-wave details and logs you are referring to are not available on that platform.


Nope. Z-wave sticks, and secondary controllers in general, remain valuable on the C-8 for several reasons, including:

  1. There are still ghosts and stranded devices on the C-7/C-8 that require PC controller to remove.
  2. PC Controller, and other secondary controllers, are invaluable while including some devices which include by default using S0 security on the C-7/C-8.
  3. I use my handheld secondary controller to do most exclusions.

Thanks. Ok to buy the Zooz 800 series zwave stick, for use with the C5? Also, is a zwave stick a temporary/mobile tool usable across multiple homes, or is it something that needs to be dedicated to a single home and permanently plugged in?


Depends on how you use it. If you use it, and then unpair it from Hubitat, you can use it across multiple locations/homes/hubs etc. I would recommend this pattern of usage.

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When you are working with the silabs software, do not confuse hex for dec.