Help triggering from iOS reminders

So I’ve been googling and searching this forum and I’m having problems finding the exact solution I’m looking for.

My wife will only use apple reminders. I’m looking for a way to trigger an endpoint from apple reminders to Hubitat or sync apple reminders to tasks and then trigger the reminder that way as I’ve seen posts about apps to execute that way.

Has anyone done either of the solutions I’m looking for?

I have been using this as a trigger for calendar events (but I keep my iOS calendar on Google)

If the tasks/reminders are on Google, this may work. I have not found a way to trigger anything from iCloud calendar events or reminders.


I saw this one also. Do you know of anyway to sync the reminders from iOS to google tasks? I’m trying to make this acceptable to the wife.

Author here of the Google Search solution that @rakeshg mentions above. Google Tasks are very limited via their API and I was disappointed adding them to the solution. The main rub is the actual due date and time don't come across in the API. So if you want something to fire at a specific time forget about it via Google Tasks.

Google Reminders are using an unofficial API but they do allow for date/time actions. The Google Calendar iOS app is required to create Google Reminders since Google doesn't sync the iOS reminders app with Google reminders - I just looked in account settings and don't see an option to sync them. Works with my work Exchange email account but not Gmail unfortunately.


Reminders is scriptable in Apple Shortcuts and can call a Hubitat URL set up in Maker API

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Yes but you can’t trigger the shortcut with a reminder time or date.

Are the reminders changing or static? You could trigger a shortcut from a reminder…

Right now the most reliable thing to do is use home bridge to connect Homekit and HE. You would then set a virtual switch on hubitat and set a rule based on the calendar/reminder in the phone to activate your whatever you're activating.

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I’ll have to look again, but when I tried to do some automation this way I didn’t see a way to trigger an automation based on a calendar event. The best I could do is check for an entry via shortcut and trigger that way, but I couldn’t find a way to have the event start date trigger the automation.

The issue is I can not seem to find a way to get the reminder or cal event to trigger the shortcut. I’m clearly missing how to make that happen because I see many people on other forums saying the same thing and I can’t figure out how to actually do it.

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