Help to setup a Good Night Routine


OK, I see what you are saying. You explain it very well! The scenario is this...we go downstairs and motion is detected and the lights go on and stay on while there is motion. Now we sit down to watch TV. I want the lights to stay on and not be effected by motion. So basically disable the motion sensors. That is where the Basement TV Switch comes in. It is a virtual switch that I set to On when the power on the TV plug is greater than 10 indicating that the TV is on. However, if I dim the lights and change their colour, I want it to stay like that and not go back to the 100% white setting that is in the Basement Lights Rule. However, I am noticing that I didn't actually have the Basement TV Switch set to ON in the Watching TV in Basement Rule. Then as I thought about this further, I am thinking that maybe I don't actually need the virtual switch because I can just put the Power of the TV Plug <=10 as a condition in the Basement Lights Rule.

One problem I see is that when Basement Lights is FALSE it will turn off after 1 minute. How do I get around this?


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You're saying You go down, sit in the chair(s) long enough to let the Motion's all go inactive, and THEN turn on the TV?

Ok, you can add "Watch TV Lights scene" to the Watch TV in Basement: Actions for True

That "scene" might be identical to the "scene" in the Basement Lights Rule, might be different. :slight_smile:

As to the Virtual Switch, correct, it's not needed since the Power >=10 is doing the same job.

Adding the same ( < 10) to the Basement Lighting doesn't help, as far as I can visualize.

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The <10 doesn't improve the Rule. Assuming what I'm visualizing is true


Because of the PB?

No, we go downstairs and the lights are on. We turn on the TV and the lights will still be on because there is motion. But as we are watching TV we aren't moving enough and the lights will go off.

Also, I don't want to add a scene, I just want to tell Alexa to dim the lights to whatever and turn them to whatever colour I feel like at the time. And then I want them to stay that way while I am watching TV.


"scene" (being in quotes) means you add lights and their values (dim, color) to your heart's content. I'm not talking about Scenes and Groups. (capitalized)

Sorry about the shorthand. :frowning:


Quick question for @pcgirl: what plug do you use that sends out your every usage >10 watts? I’m doing a remodel and I’d like to have this information.


@afieldsmd I use one of these: Smart Switch 6, ZW096-A02, by Aeotec.