Help to implement DS18B20s via RF due to wire restrictions

C8 Hub

Have look at hundreds of postings here and found some really great ways to have temperature sensors implemented with Hubitat. But most are complex software and with all the parts kind of costly.
Hopping the attached drawing could be low-cost and non-complex software way to have temperature sensors for my freezers.
Have a situation where hard wire (cat5) is not feasible for connecting DS18B20s to my existing Konnected panel integrated with Hubitat C8.
Would like to have a way to implement DS18B20s with the minimum parts list and off the shelf apps.
Can the attached photo work connecting using ESP32s and DS18B20 with known software or even existing hubitat apps?

I suspect this could do it, but I have no personal experience. Reading this topic may give you an idea:

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Yeah, Hubduino will do/support that, and you can customize to you situation if you can handle some arduino coding.

If you are familiar with Konnected, you could load the open source Konnected firmware on esp32’s and connect you DS18B20’s to those. I think it would be the simplest and quite turnkey. You have app and driver already running. It would just be another panel.

Hubduino is an alternative that would work as well. It is not as simple to setup, but does work well.

A third option would be ESPhome.

I use hubduino, esphome (with home assistant), and an open source Konnected device. I would go the Konnected route.

Edit: In case anyone else stumbles on this thread, flashing Konnected to an ESP32 can be done at Support page Flashing Firmware explains how to do it. Select the 1) hardware- ESP32's run Alarm Panel Pro, while 8266's run 6-Zone Alarm Panel, 2) platform - "Konnected" for use with hubitat. Plug your ESP32 into your computer and click "connect". If you don't have the proper drivers, Konnected pops up a dialog box with download links.

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Quick responses here, so typical of this community!
After about line 1000 in the Hubduino V1.19 scared me away so much code could not decide where to start?
Think there is a 1-2-3 how to implement Hubduino into Hubitat?
Then I was wondering how to have access to the temp probes in Hubitat.
I like it but don't know how to integrate Hubduino into Hubitat.
One article said Hubduino slows down Hubiat.

You might want to take a look at the "PTVO" site. Using a cc2530 Zigbee board the DS18B20 will connect directly to the cc2530 board and with the PTVO firmware you will only have to load the firmware to the board (I can help you there) and write a Hubitat driver.

I currently have a:

BMP280 --> cc2530 --> Hubitat hub
SHT30 --> different cc2530 --> Hub

These have been running for the greater part of 8 months with no issues.

In addition, the cc2530 board is a zigbee router as well.

Another Note: From the Arduino forum I read a lot of folks have had disappointing results from the "sealed" DS18B20 sensors from China. The reports is the China assembled parts have fake sensors. I've not used these sensors so I'm only relaying what I've read from the posts.


Sure, it is all outlined in my ReadMe found in my GitHub repository

Each of your DS18B20 sensors will show up as their own temperature measurement device in Hubitat.

See the ReadMe linked above.

Well, I am the author and have used HubDuino for years without any negative impact to my Hubitat hubs. YMMV, of course! :wink:


WHAT great help! you guys are amazing.
I have some experience with Arduino; but is really dated. Like it!
JohnRob I will check out your advice today. Like it!

There's probably a good reason you want to go this complex route, and I do find it very interesting, personally wishing thermocouples would be involved rather than DS18B20's, but....

-I've had a Hue (zigbee) motion sensor in the freezer section of my fridge for a couple of years. Mostly rock solid, except during a power outage along with other zigbee devices. Batteries are lasting forever.

-If heart is set on DS18B20, how about a Fibaro smart implant? It can do 3 DS18B20's and connects with z-wave? Although, I had a problem with one of my 3 cables, as noted above and elsewhere. Pain to figure out which one, get it squared away again.

edit: I re-read your post. I guess you want to connect direct to the Konnected panel, so maybe what I suggest isn't applicable. Or maybe it is. :slight_smile:


No need for me to use the Konnected panel. Just was a way if I can get to it with RF.
Would like not to have to use it if can find a reasonable cost way since all three locations are needing RF to reach the Hubitat.
Don't need DS18B20s either if for example the Hue (zigbee) motion sensors have temp and decent cost. where to buy? sound really easy to implement.

For example

For me, the interesting thing on my side by side fridge, the automatic defrost cycle brings the freezer temp up pretty high. You probably don't have that issue with just freezers, but I wouldn't know, since I've never owned one.

PS: I really like the totally local La Crosse gauge. It's near where I sit a lot in the kitchen, shows both sides at same time, alarms, highs and lows, works in a power outage. Now, I'm trying to see how often it does its adaptive defrost thing, while I'm awake anyway, lol. A smart current sensing plug would probably be better if I really cared, but I don't.

How about these are zigbee? THIRDREALITY Zigbee Motion Sensor 4 Pack, Zigbee Hub Required, Pet Friendly, Work with Home Assistant, SmartThings, Aeotec, Homey, Hubitat or Echo Devices with Built-in Zigbee hub : Electronics

I have zigbee repeaters already

You want reliability?
You want something that works?
Or, do you want to dick around?
I have no zigbee repeaters.

@velvetfoot uses the Hue motion sensors because they also have a temp sensor. The Third reality motion sensors do not have temp.

As do 99% of us, as they really help to create a solid Zigbee mesh network. :sunglasses:

All of my Zigbee motion, contact, and leak sensors have a temperature sensor in them as well.

If you’re just looking to monitor room temperatures, then using Zigbee sensors is a great idea and the batteries will last a good long while.

When you specifically asked about using DS18B20 sensors, I assumed that you had a specific requirement that needed those specific sensors.

What are you wanting to monitor the temperature of? That will help identify an ideal solution.

Monitor Freezers and Refrigerators that do not have hard wire to them (cat5) does not matter to me ZigBee works great for me since already have some ZigBee stuff and several ZigBee repeaters. Was thinking DS18B20 due to ability to have prob inside the coolers. Doesn't matter to me what is inside of the coolers to pick up the temp just thought the DS18B20s would do it.

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No dick around hi hi

I have used @ogiewon code and it works very well. I only switched to the CC2530 because I disliked going through my router. And the CC2530 also acts as a Zigbee router making my Zigbee mesh very strong.

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Like the idea of CC2530s with sensors.
Where is a good place to purchase parts?
What SHT30 did you have in mind for inside a freezer?
Would this one work? 5Pcs SHT30 Digital Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module IIC I2C Interface 3.3V Probe Sensor I2C Interface with Shell : Appliances

Is this what you have in mind for the CC2530? CC2530 for Zigbee Module UART Wireless Core Board Development Board CC2530F256 Serial Port Wireless Module 2.4GHz : Electronics

If you have code to share for Hubitat the CC2530s with BMP280s sensors can be really low cost.

The DS18B20s is my first choice. I like the idea of a probe to stick inside the Freezers and Refrigerators. That is if I don’t go to cheap buying them. And your offer to help me with the code.

Three (3) part CC250, DS18B20s (or SHT30s) and 5V wart?

What are you using the BMP280s for ? I may not need that implementation.

Note: I have several Zibee devices already. The PTVO site is great.

Thanks for the offer.

JohnRob reply... moved here from Private messages. I'm still learning how to use the Community.

I have three of these in service with Hubitat at the moment. (I did not purchase from the linked vendor). However I would not recommend them as these are a more recent design. I have 5 from the linked vendor but have not had a chance to use them.

I found a version of the sensor with the mfg filter installed. This unit has been on my covered back deck since last Fall.


I would suggest a fully covered one. Not the one you showed as it appears the sensor is not protected from moisture.

I also have one of these . However I've not used in outside.

To program the CC2530 you need an ESP NodeMCU v1.0 . I've tried a Seeed studios XIAO with no success. The CC2530, NodeMCU and a PC are all that is required to program the CC2530.
The CC2530 is a 3.3 volt device.

Oh and keep the posts on this thread. Private message should only be for private things. Its best to allow others following in your path to see how you proceeded.