Help to convert this piston to RM


I only have one WC piston running right now on my HE. However, I have been having hub lockups and everyone is saying to not use WC. The only reason I am using it is because I can't figure out how to convert this piston to RM. The piston turns on my hubbies light in the morning and goes from 1% to 30% in 10 minutes. But if he asks Alexa to turn the light off, it will turn the light off and cancel the piston. If he gets up then the lights will turn off at 6:00 am.


Just break it down into its elements:

First rule, a trigger fired at 4:50 Fade dimmer to 30% in 10 minutes; restriction to days of week and modes.
Second rule, a trigger, fired by light off: stop the first rule (which cancels the fade over time)
Third rule, a trigger fired at 6:00 am. Turn off light.


Can these be done in one or do I need to do 3 rules? Also, how do I stop the first rule? Do I use a virtual switch?


This is 3 separate Triggers. There is an action in the Rules section to Stop another rule.


Wouldn't the 1st rule not even start if the light is off?


If this is what you meant, this was too easy!


For the second Trigger above, do not use "Pause Rule". Instead, use "Stop Actions of these rules (for Periodic, Delayed Actions, Repeated Actions and Dimmer Fade)"


Thanks! I think I got it now.

So even though the light is originally off (before the first trigger rule starts), the first trigger rule will run?


I am having an issue with this. Because the light is OFF to begin with because it was night and the lights are off, the first rule doesn't start because it is cancelled if the light is off. How do I get it to start the first rule of turning on and fading up the light to run?


Can anyone help me with this rule. It seems that the rule is getting cancelled the night before because the light gets turned off. Here are the events:

When this happens the rule doesn't run in the morning.


Add a restriction to the Light Cancelled rule to only run between 4:00AM and 6:00AM. That should resolve it.


That's a good idea, thanks!


No this didn't work either. Any other suggestions?


I believe linking the three with a private Boolean restriction will solve the problem.

  • In your second trigger, remove other restrictions but turn on private Boolean restriction
  • In your first trigger add an action to “Set Private Boolean True for these rules” of your second trigger. This will make your second trigger only fire when the first kicked off.
  • In your third trigger add an action to “Set Private Boolean False for these rules” as this will stop the second from firing again until the first runs again the next morning.


Is this correct? Sorry for the multiple screen captures but my Nimbus Capture doesn't work with the select and scroll.

First Rule:


Second Rule:

Third Rule:



This didn't work again today. It seems that because the light is being turned off the night before the rule won't even run in the morning. See the Events:


This is how it should work:

  1. The light should come on a 4:50am and fade up to 30% in 10 minutes.
  2. But if the light is turned off, by asking Alexa to turn it off, then the rule should stop.
  3. If the light is ON at 6:00am - turn off.

I am getting all confused with the Boolean. Can someone tell me if this will work.
Rule 1 (light on a 4:50am)

Rule 2 (Light off if requested)

Rule 3 (Light off at 6:00am if still on)

The images don't show but I don't have the Enable/Disable with Private Boolean?(true) turned on for any of these Rules.


@csteele can you help me with this? This still isn't working and I have gotten all mixed up with trying to get this WC piston over to RM using Private Boolean's. I am having a hard time understanding how they work. The light bulb hasn't turned on for me on this one yet! :anguished:


My apologies I was never alerted you had replied and just noticed this. This looks correct except one thing... your third rule has 2 mode restrictions and if that rule doesn’t run then your second rule will get cancelled at night by the light turning off because the third rule never sets the Boolean to disable it. Once he gets up does the mode change to something other than Night and Toms bedtime between 450 and 6 AM? If so that rule doesn’t run and the second rule is never disabled. I would let that rule just run regardless of mode and leave the day restriction since it is just turning off a light and if it is already off no big deal.