Help: Sneaky wifi plug, being sneaky

I have a wemo wifi switch (yeah yeah) works fine.
I have a suite of ipads that need charging daily.

I have two Simple Lighting Rules,
One - turn on between 430 - 930pm

Two - turn off a bunch of things IF mode becomes away (I dont want this plug on if no ones home)

The sneaky part is, its only meant to turn on between 430-930 (any mode) UNLESS the mode is away and in that case turn off.
BUT.. its being sneaky and turning on whenever the mode goes to away for 1 minute, then turning itself back off again.
9.19am, 2.36pm (dont worry about the mode going in and out, my mrs walks to school and walks the line of the geofence - i'll fix it later)

What could be making it do this ?

The in use by section has the echo skill, no impact
wifi switch super tile, no impact
a paused RM4 rule, no impact
and notifier - so I can see when its turning on and off.

Thoughts ?