Help setting up association between motion sensor and switch

I purchased the GE 34193 portable motion sensor for my office, but there is a noticeable delay when I enter the room. I think associating the motion sensor to the GE 14291 switch will help speed it up. I am unable to set up association, the specs of the motion sensor are listed here
Z-Wave Product Catalog - Portable Smart Motion Sensor , I believe it supports associations , but I could be wrong.. any assistance would be appreciated..

If that motion sensor does not support associations, please recommend me one that does and has a working driver in hubitat, thanks for any help or tips provided..

That isn't a great motion device for that, as it only has 1 association group.

Typically association group 1 is for notifications to the hub, and association group 2 or 3 are used for basic set connections to other devices.

You CAN change how association group 1 works on that device (change param 20 from 1 to 2) with the basic z-wave tool. That very well could break updates in the HE hub for the motion sensor, though. And since you can't SET associations with the basic z-wave tool (only GET), you would need to write an app or custom driver to add the 14291 device to the association list. But it is free to try. :slight_smile: and you can always change param 20 back to the default of 1.

I'm fond of this one, but there are TONS that can work. No matter what, though, you are going to have to dig in and figure out what tool/app/driver you are going to use to SET the device ID in the correct association group. HE can't do that out of the box (unfortunately!).

There's an Association tool created by @ericm for Inovelli devices.

Lifeline association means something different to me than "Association" I read in forum messages. Lifeline association is more of a route function, in the sense that it's necessary for the device to get status info back to the Hub. Device manufacturers create Lifeline association occasionally limited to one, but sometimes more. Group 2 Association is what I normally think of when I see a standalone association reference :slight_smile:

But give the tool a try, it might do what is needed in this case.

Yes, lifeline is typically association group 1 - although it doesn't have to be... 99%+ of the time it is, though.

Thanks for the pointer to the association tool. I've been meaning to just expand the basic zwave tool, would only take a few minutes, but haven't gotten around to it.

I often add the association commands to my custom drivers.

I don't understand the benefit to Association in 2019.. I understand it's historical position, how it came to be, but Hubs seem to fully overshadow the use. Why create a thing to thing connection when the hub can do a thing to many things, even disparate protocols.

Same with Lutron and Pico's that can be paired to a device.. I understand it can and what it does, just not sure of the WHY? as in... "I can stand on my head.. but why would I want to?" Clearly I'm missing some benefit and thus I'd love an education on what I could gain. :smiley:

The only reason I use association is for devices in which latency plays a part..for example in my case , in which a motion sensor activates a light in the my tests latency is reduced when using association instead of going through the hub.

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Thank you all for responses and advice, did not expect responses so quickly..the community is what makes hubitat an even better choice, thanks again.

I rarely use association for basic command sets (on/off). I find with zwave plus the response time is fast enough just doing the logic in the hub.

I do use associations for extra features like scene controllers, extra functions like double tap, etc.

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This is why I use Zigbee motion/door sensors, as I find them to be much more responsive then Z-Wave.