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I've got a dryer notification rule that works extremely well using a Samsung power monitoring outlet. It is active between 6AM-10PM, waits until my dryer is completely done, and then notifies me via Alexa TTS.

So I purchased a Samsung power monitoring outlet for the washer. But I want the washer rule to be a little more sophisticated. Here are the criteria that I need:

Send an announcement only when the washer is off and dryer is off (this is easy - I set a virtual dryer switch to off when the dryer is off)
If the dryer is on, wait until it is off before sending an announcement that the washer is done (I'm finding this hard).

Thanks for your help!

How did you get Alexa available for TTS, are you using Echo Speaks?

I'm using @ogiewon's Amazon Alexa Text to Speech (TTS).

GitHub project is here:

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If I understand correctly, you simply want both the washer AND dryer to be off, before an announcement is made. Is that correct?

If so, just create a RM "Rule" that has both the washer and dryer in it. Make sure they are both off and then perform your action.

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Yup. And your idea will work just grand!

Just for information, this RM Rule works well for my Dryer notifications. Different requirements versus yours, but thought you might find it interesting as it prevents false notifications. The dryer must turn on and then turn off for it to send any notifications.


What are you using to monitor the power?


Samsung Smartthings outlet.

Edit: This one

I have two solutions currently. The old, original one is using an Aeon v1 HEM Z-Wave, using the following driver that I ported over from SmartThings.

That solution actually has the driver issuing Button Pushed events, which RM picks up and sends notifications. I am working on phasing this solution out of my setup.

In parallel, I am using an IoTaWatt device to monitor numerous circuits in my house. It's a great device. To integrate it with Hubitat, I am using the following driver that I wrote, along with the RM rule I posted above (one rule for the dryer, and another for the washer.)

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How are you doing the Power level in the conditions? I can do it in the Rule but not finding a way to do in the condition?? Thanks

Ahhh... this is an old thread, before Rule Machine 4. Take a look at this example instead, which is based on RM 4.0


Yes I see them and able to do most but I just can't figure out how to do the Power Level on the conditions.I can do it in the Actions but not the condition part of the rule?

Which version of Rule Machine are you using? In RM 4, you create an Action of type Conditional (If Then), then select new condition, Power Meter, pick your device, etc...

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Thank you so much. I don't know why I was so dense on this issue but finally got it. Thanks


I'm trying to duplicate this rule (I'm a newbie to Rules Machine). I'm having trouble figuring out how you got the "Define Rule" line to appear. Would you mind giving me a little push in the right direction? My devices also report every 30 seconds, so I think this EXACT rule will work for me! THANK YOU!

That rule was from back in the earlier Rule Machine days. With RM 4, you’ll need to think a little differently. I believe I showed the RM 4 example above as well.

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Oh, silly me. I thought that was for 4. My bad! Thanks for the direction. My programming chops are a little rusty. :slight_smile:


This is how i have done it if it helps anyone in rm 4.

I may be wrong but I think without a Cancel delayed actions before the wait for events and your delays not being (cancelable) you chance stacking that rule as power level increases. Also best practice is to have an End-If at the end.

I've always wanted to try this but our dryer is 240 volts in the US so no good way to find the power level like I could with a smart plug at 120 volts.

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