Help Please, Zwave keeps dropping out

I went from a C5 to the C8 about 3 months ago. The migration seamed to go smooth.

But the past week or some of my Zwave devices keep dropping out. I tried to power down and reboot and it may or may not help for a day or so.

I did a soft reset and restore, that helped for about three days. But now I am back to stuff not responding.

There is a chance that you might have “ghost” devices (devices that didn’t pair correctly and that other devices are trying to route through) that are bringing your mesh down. There are many people in the community that can help with that. First step will be for you to post screenshots of all devices on your Z-Wave mesh from the Z-Wave Details screen.

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Either this, or a z-wave device that is misbehaving and has become really "chatty", and by being so, keeps the hub's z-wave radio really busy.

Does this help?

Not really.

Can you post a screenshot of the Z-wave Details page? And make the screenshot using a desktop browser?

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Sorry I am working off an iPad Pro

No worries! You have provided the information, and that’s what counts!

From the screenshots, I can see that device 0x1B (027) and 0x23 (035) didn’t pair correctly (see “Discover” in the “Device” column. Those devices will need to be removed.

Removing problematic (ghost) devices can be done by clicking on “Refresh” until a “Remove” button appears. Then pressing “Remove” to remove it. This may need to be repeated several (many) times before it works. (This need for repetition is due to an issue with the underlying Z-Wave stack that is used by the platforms.)

Once these are removed and your mesh settles down (figures out new routing as applicable), things will improve, assuming that this was the cause. It may take up to 24 hours to get back to normal.

The Outside Plug (device 0X39 (075)) may also be an issue since it has no routing information. Is it powered up? Non-battery operated Z-Wave devices that are powered down and not removed from the mesh can cause mesh issues.


How long after the hub was restarted were these screenshots taken? I am asking because there is no average round-trip time for most of the devices, or any indication of signal strength (LWR RSSI).

Can you retake the screenshots after the hub has been up and running for a day or so? And after you have used/activated/triggered as many of your z-wave devices as possible?

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Thank you! I’ll give that a try!


I hit the refresh button literally 100 + times! 27 no change. 35 remove button shows up but nothing happens

I just rebooted the hub about an hour before I screen shot

One thing I forgot to mention is that the device that had an issue needs to be turned off. That is always one of the devices later down in the list, and often the next one in the list. (It’s been a while since I’ve had to do this…)

One option if the device is a switch is to turn off its breaker, then try again. Another would be to bring the hub itself outside of the range of the device before trying, but this can sometimes be a bit though to do.


@mikebechtel , if what @Sebastien is instructing you to do just isn't working (and sometimes it doesn't) you may need a z-wave stick attached to your pc/mac to remove the ghosts. It's a pain I know, but as long as those ghosts are their, you will not have a healthy mesh and will continue to have issues.


Thank you all for the education, things seem to be back to normal!

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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