Help please: days of week based trigger not firing


Any idea why this rule won't fire? If I "Run Actions" on the rule, it works fine, but doesn't get triggered on it's own.

Works with just one day selected. Doesn't fire if I have two. I've also tried creating separate triggers for each day, i.e., Thu at 8am OR Friday at 8am...didn't work either.

Thank you.

Try making your trigger just 8:00. Then set condition of Thu or Fri.

Unrelated to the triggering, interesting that you are setting code 5 but deleting code 9.

Hi there,

did some quick testing, and what you did should work. However... I was not able to save the time as PM. It reverted back to AM when going back in to check. It may be a bug, maybe my hub... It would explain why it won't trigger

I think your rule should work. Can you post screen shots of the event subscriptions and app status for this rule?

Try this;
It uses the periodic trigger instead. I couldn't get the other to work either. This works though.

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@672southmain Good eye. I obfuscated the set code and position, but forgot to do the same for the delete. The housekeeper's real code is definitely not 1234.

@djordan2112, @furom Thanks for the suggestions. I tried periodic trigger and that worked. Does seem like a bug with Days of the Week though. I'm using military time (as are you) and the Days of the week form uses AM/PM -- wonder if that makes a difference.

@aaiyar Relevant app statuses below.

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Yeah, it looks to me like a bug also, one that has to do with entering 24 hour time. Why the heck is it prompting for AM/PM? There were lots of issues around entering time depending on browser choice, with Safari always being a problem -- but I'm seeing this problem with Chrome. I think this case got overlooked in our testing of some of those changes.

We will dig into this. Thanks for bringing our attention to this.


I'm on chrome if it helps. Great community (and developer) support. Thank you.

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