Help only running during certain times

I’d like this to run 9am until 930 pm only. Thank you for your time

If your rule is otherwise working as expected, adding a simple conditional (Conditional Actions > Simple Conditional Action in the menu) to check for the time and run an "Exit Rule" if it's not a match would be an easy way to do this. Another option is wrapping everything you have around a full-blown IF THEN ... END-IF with that same condition, but that takes a bit more clicking.

Here's all the first option would entail:



What are you trying to do? It looks like (maybe I am way off here) you are trying to flash a light if the garage door is left open?

When my garage door opens, flash my hue lights red

I think bertabcd1234 has your solution above.

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Find it? It is in Delay or Repeat actions, Wait.

Thank you

Yay! And after saying all of this, I should note that if your bulb supports the "Flash" command (check the device page), that is likely to be a bit more reliable then sending these repeated on/off commands manually. You'd have a harder time getting color but could still probably do it with a capture, setColor, flash, and restore, otherwise quite similar to what is there now.

I'm assuming you don't have that command (not all bulbs/drivers implement it), but thought I'd mention it in case you do.

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Hue does not :frowning_face:

Do you think that CAN be implemented or it needs to be done by Philips?

Hubitat can't implement it (natively, at least) because there is nothing in the Hue API that does this. The best you can get is "faking it" with what you're doing now (the good news is that Bridge bulbs tend to be pretty reliable here). The closest thing Hue does have is a "breathe" alert, which you may have seen in use if you tapped on a bulb after discovery in the Hue app (though unlike the app when identifying, you could make this go indefinitely). They also have "colorloop" as an "effect" and the docs are vaguely written to suggest they could add more, but it's been probably 6 years now so I wouldn't count on it. :slight_smile:

Can Breath be done in h.e?

Not with the stock Bridge bulb drivers (and I'm guessing they're unlikely to add it considering it doesn't line up with any standard capability).

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Imo, that’d be the only way to get a true “flash”