Help on a Simple Light Automation

This is my first time using Hubitat and I am trying to make my first rule. A very straightforward lighting automation. I would think it is fairly easy but don't see how to do it. Would like to use the Simple Automation Rules and not Rules Engine because it is a pretty simple rule. Or should be anyways!

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

  1. Turn on a Dimmer switch at 75% power 5 minutes after Sunset
  2. Turn it off at 11:00pm

I cant see how to do this without creating two separate rules - One to turn on the light and one to turn it off. If I was not using sunset as a the trigger but rather just a time of day, it looks like there is a place to also set what time I want to turn it off. But when I select Sunset, the field to turn the light off at a specific time goes away. Am I going crazy?

This is how most of my outdoor lights will be automated so any help would be appreciated. There must be a way to do this in a single rule?

Not in simple automations. 90% of the time it will cover simple automations you want to do but your case falls in that 10% which to cater for would basically need to end up with Rule Machine anyway.

You'll need to use RM and here is what you need to do.

Thanks @at9 !

There's really no downside to using two rules just fyi and the simpler the rule the faster it will run. Simple automation is also much smaller than RM4 and will also execute faster.