Help: New Botton Control / Pico Remotes

I found a post with the button numbering for the 5 button Pico. That was great.
I assume the 4 and 2 button remotes number from top to bottom also.

My question is, if I do not program a button via Button Controller, does it retain the default controls from the Lutron app/bridge?

For example, if my 5 button pico controls a plug in dimmer normally, Can I just reprogram the center (button 3) on the Pico to recall a scene with other lights on zwave switches? But in this case the other button would retain their original functionality.

I believe it would work in parallel. I think the button push would appear on Hubitat regardless... I've seen people caution, which is why I think it behaves this way.

Most humans would forget that there's two places to look... leading to 'poltergeists are controlling my lights' a year or two down the road.

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