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I had several robots in wink to turn sound an alarm if any of my motion were triggers or any doors opened and turn on my lights throughout the house. The robots were all combined into one shortcut that could be activated by an ifttt phrase, Alexa trigger good night. Then at 5 AM another shortcut ran which automatically disabled the shortcut and stopped all the devices from triggering an alarm. I have absolutely no idea if HUbitat can do this or where to even begin. Any ideas would be appreciated,

Start simple, Basic Rules (new with 2.2.6) or Simple Rules, and then if necessary look at Rule Machine, webCoRE, or Event Engine...

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You could even do this with a combination of Hubitat Safety monitor and Basic Rules.


I would set up some modes for key parts of your day. Home, away, night EX then use mode manager to set them depending on time and your presence devices (phone app). Then all of what you want will happen automatically with Hubitat safety monitor. No cloud

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i have it mostly working with safety rules and modes. BUt one parameter I need is between sunset and sunrise. That parameter doesn't seem to work at all. I have it down to very simple: if contact sensor closes between sunset and sunrise send me a text: contact2 closed. It sends me a text no matter what time it is.

I also moved from Wink. You will be SO glad you did. I do similar things with Alexa, Mode Manager, Scenes, and Rule Machine. The one thing I haven't been able to get to work is arming my Honeywell alarm using their Total Connect 2 application and IFTTT. The issue is clearly on the Honeywell side - their app just doesn't work and they provide ZERO support.

I use Mode Manager to define a number of modes. This is really useful because you can use modes to change the behavior of all sorts of automations without a ton of repetitive work. In my example night mode can be activated by a virtual switch or by schedule.

Then I use an Alexa routine to turn on the virtual switch, which in turn puts HE into night mode. If I do not use Alexa night mode will still activate on its own schedule. Alexa just allows me to do it early. Once it's in night mode I do all sorts of crazy stuff based on a rule in Rule Machine. I turn off the scene and virtual switch associated with TV watching mode, I change the wake words to a couple of Echos so I dont trigger them accidentally in bed, and I activate a switch called lockdown that runes a rule in RM that checks each outside door to make sure it's both shut and locked. Then I activate a scene that turns on lights that I keep on all night (porch, foyer, etc), and finally I turn down the thermostat if it's cold enough to have heat going. I use an Ecobee thermostat which has its own logic for setback. All this does is override the Ecobee logic if I am actually in bed and ready to tell Alexa goodnight.

Here's what that lockdown routine does, in case you're interested. It's a bit complicated because I like to make sure the door is actually closed before I attempt to lock it, and then I check to make sure the door actually locked. (Sorry for the eye chart.)

sounds like I should just hire you! I have HE, ecobee, iftt and alexa all over. FYI, Mark Cuban said if there was ever an opportunity for a gig, its now setting up peoples smart stuff!

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where is the option for setting wake word and speak on echo zone? how did you combine specific echos into "zone"

There is definitely a need for home technology consulting and installation thanks to the overwhelming amount and widely different types of home technology available. I've found most consumers really want a more DIY solution to save money but either lack the time, patience and/or knowledge to do it themselves. The trouble is it is hard to earn a decent profit given the amount of time you have to spend versus what you can realistically charge.

I'm running a community app called "echo speaks." It's quite handy though a bit of a bear to get going. Echo Speaks has an option under "Companion Apps" to manage zones. You can assign echos to a zone and the app will create a virtual device. I have about 15 Echos scattered around the house and I routinely use 5 of them to alert me to things like someone at the front door or a temperature alarm.

I don't change the wake word for the zone though - just for those two echos. Drives me bananas to be in bed and tell Alexa to continue my book on Audible and have the book start playing from the TV room! Grrrr.

That's for damned sure!

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