Help integrating Aeotec HEMV2 ENERGY meter (newbie)

Wow thanks for the quick response. I did discover that there are 2 templates, one for energy and another for power. But each shows only a single value. At the link you provided there are 1 Aeotec things listed. How to I download and enter these into my C7? I've never done a device driver, and does the device remain the same as we started with? Or a new device created which runs that code.

My clamps will total sense for all the breakers at once which is what I want. I have another (non smarthome connected) power meter which runs and has multiple clamps on various breakers and total power is about what the Aeotec shows which is a positive thing. Seems I need to figure out how to install a driver suggested by SmartHomePrimer.


Here’s how to install custom drivers manually.

After you set the driver and save in the device details, press the configure button in the driver to send the driver details to the device. There’s no need to save after pressing configure.

Thanks so much, I'll study this

I pasted the raw code in to the driver and saved it. THen changed the original device to call for that code. I can see on the device status page all the meaningful data. But apparently the child device somehow needs to get attached to display that into the Dashboard template for the original device ??

The child devices never worked for me. I either commented those lines out or removed them. Can’t remember which. I’ll check my code for you in a bit.

[Edit] Looks like I just commented out lines 150 through 160

Must be something different in your copy of the code, because 150-160 does not take out a closed section . I tried and it shows an error when you try and save that way. I'm still experimenting with variations from all the suggestions made here. I can get a value on the dashboard with the template used and HEM selected for either of power or energy. Only a single value is displayed and it does not seem to update with changes in load.

You mention a configure button in the driver and I see nothing like that on my screen, only the Save and lower down send Z-wave command.

Hmm, I have it. Let me contact the dev that ported it and ask about posting the code. I don't want to share others work that I've changed for my own use without their consent.

Just to be certain were talking about the same driver, it's this one that was ported to HE by @jrfarrar correct?

In the mean time, I didn't notice since I was previously viewing from my phone, you should also comment out lines 48 and 49

I've been trying several drivers mentioned from you and terminal3. I think I should delete all of them, and the device, and carefully try one at a time. The screenshot you show does not match what I have seen, other than mine have shown refresh and reset (which both function in the Device manager but in a tile, I don't think so, nothing changes. I'll comment back later. Thank you for sticking with me.

ALso, do I install the driver as virtual only, or in the regular way attached to an existing device?

No, it was not jrfaarar it was draga. I'm redoing all of it.

After you paste the code, save the driver and comment out the lines I mentioned with // at the beginning of them. Save again.

Click, Add Virtual Device. This is just what the button is called in HE. It may be a driver for a real device you're adding, but the button you use is the same. You'll see the custom driver you just saved at the very bottom of the list of drivers. Select it and click Save Device in the HEM device details. Then click the Configure button once.

Wait for the amount of time you have the updating set for in the driver. Default is 30 second I think. You should see the device Current States begin to refresh. If you don't, try clicking the Poll button. You can click the Refresh button for good measure. I can't recall if one or both work, but at least one of them does something. It's a ported driver from SmartThings and it's not perfect, but the power, powerDisp, powerOne and PowerTwo clamp readings are correct. Not sure if any of the math for the energy totals are correct. I don't use those. I'm only use this particular driver for graphing with Hubigraphs, but there's no reason this driver couldn't be used with the separate clamps installed on the hot of a particular dumb appliance you want to monitor to signal when it's running and when it's not using Rule Machine. I'm not using this driver for that because I have the v1 HEMs, but I do use my two other HEMs that way.

For overall Power graphing and individual legs of my panel, I'm updating every 5 seconds, but please keep in mind I'm running my three HEMs on a Hub by themselves. I have no other Z-Wave devices on that hub. My v1 devices are 300 series Z-Wave and they are very chatty. Add to that the fact that I'm updating one every 5 seconds, and the other two that are monitoring my appliances are updating every second. I do have some Zigbee devices on that hub and a few rules, but the majority of my devices and rules are on my main hub. The hub that has these on them is sharing them via HubMesh. On my C7 this is no problem, but I cannot just broadly recommend everyone do what I've done without warning that it might cause issues if you have an old HEM on your hub with everything else, and it is updating as frequently as I've set mine to.

Here are the settings I use with this driver.

If you are not seeing values update for the powerDisp, powerOne and powerTwo, then this driver may not be compatible with the Aeon v2 HEM. If you're not seeing the values update with any driver, not even the one that @terminal3 linked to, then you may need to exclude and re-join your HEM. Once joined and working my v1 HEMs are great and really stable. But they don't always work right out of the gate when I initially join them to a hub. I sometime have to join them more than once, and I usually power cycle them have joining is complete. I also power cycle them for 30 seconds before excluding, after excluding, before joining and after joining.

I'm in the midst of doing this, and not getting dashboard updates, but as before a poll or refresh when looking at the device itself does change and reasonably match (2) other power measurement systems I have connected in my panel on L1 and L2. Maybe I need to exclude and include the HUB a few more times. I'll report back. I've taken screen captures

Here is what you get with the driver I listed.

This shows energy and power from the whole house. The cost is calculate in RM and not part of the HEM

What you see the device page listing

The device itself.

The good news is that at some point today, after redoing from scratch per the process from SmartHomePrimer, that driver DID produce a changing responsive output in the Dashboard tile. I think I adusted some variables about power level or timing of updates or I don't know what, but that active display stopped. Another thing I've been unclear on is whether a single time will be able to show several values or I have to have a tile for each.

I think we gaining on it but never thought it would give me this much grief (or that I learn too slowly)

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The values from clamp one and clamp two don’t add up to the power total you show in the screen shot. I think the driver I linked to probably won’t work with your v2. Use the driver that @terminal3 linked to.

I've got it working properly now, I tried yet another driver. This one was by Burke and last updated in 2014. It does not have as many bells and whistles but I'll take it until I can figure out how to get newer ones working Thanks for the help;

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I cannot confirm any of those bells and whistles work in the driver I'm using anyway. :rofl:

It's Clamp 1, Clamp 2 and the combined total I'm using from that driver. Nothing else.
If I add cost calculation at some point, I'll do it in Rule Machine. We have time of use rates and they vary depending on if it's a statutory holiday or not. I had that part most worked out for another use, but then Google dropped support for IFTTT, so I haven't bothered to fix it.

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